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DREAMLAND J’OUVERT was the UK’s first outdoor J’Ouvert Festival.

J’Ouvert signifies the start of Carnival revelry and celebrations in the Caribbean. It is normally commences very early – from 2/3am and often concludes around noon. This event is famously trademarked by the abundant use of coloured paints, powders and water.

DREAMLAND J’OUVERT is the brainchild of DJ TATE and DJ BONES, two very prominent members of the European Caribbean/Carnival Society. Both individuals are also very experienced in hosting large scale events around the world and have been doing so for over 15 years.


DREAMLAND J'OUVERT is an enclosed festival experience mixed with the revelry of the J’ouvert Experience from the Caribbean. What makes it different – is that it will be a completely all-inclusive experience – food stalls, a VIP marquee and of course the paint/powder/water arena.


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